“What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Sex – and What Couples Can Do Right”

Based on a fascinating three-year research study for their book, Secrets of Sex & Marriage, sex therapist and pastor Dr. Michael Sytsma and/or best-selling author and social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn debunk common bedroom myths, share the factors and actions that matter most, and help every couple move toward the intimate life they have always wanted. This talk is approachable, can be tailored to fit any audience (including being “Sunday-school safe”) and filled with actionable knowledge and “aha moments” for any couple. The research and clinical foundation makes this information listeners can trust, from both a scientific and faith perspective.

“Let’s Talk About It…”

An engaging talk that not only uses the latest research to explore the benefits of communicating effectively about sex in relationships, but also provides practical tips on what and how. Most couples know communication is important, but few communicate well about sexual topics. With a bit of encouragement, guidance, and specific steps, couples can launch on a path of improved skill and all the sexual and marital benefits that come with it.

“God’s “Yes” to Sex”

Go beyond what both the popular and faith culture teach about sexuality to the truth of sex that frees us to pursue rich intimacy in marriage. Explore a vision for healthy sex that honors scripture and what we have learned in research on couples. Identify myths and misunderstandings about sex that keep couples on unhealthy paths that draw them apart along with truths that increase intimacy. Finally, explore practical steps couples can practice to move them toward each other and God’s “yes” to sex.

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