About the Authors
and The Project

Shaunti Feldhahn

Shaunti received her graduate degree from Harvard University and was an analyst on Wall Street before unexpectedly becoming a social researcher, best-selling author and popular speaker. Today, she applies her analytical skills to investigating eye-opening, life-changing truths about relationships, both at home and in the workplace.

Shaunti’s books (including several with husband, Jeff) are known for their aha moments and relationship transformations! These groundbreaking research-based books, including For Women Only, The Kindness Challenge, and Thriving in Love & Money have sold more than 3 million copies in 25 languages and are widely read in homes, counseling centers and corporations worldwide.

Shaunti’s findings are regularly featured in media as diverse as The Today Show, Family Life, Focus on the Family, The New York Times and Cosmo. Shaunti speaks at both live and virtual events in the U.S. and around the world. She and her husband Jeff live in Atlanta.

Dr. Michael Sytsma

Dr. Michael Sytsma has been working with couples in a variety of capacities since 1987. He is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Georgia, a Certified Sex Therapist, and a Certified Professional Counseling Supervisor. He is also an ordained minister with The Wesleyan Church and has served as a staff pastor for churches with attendance from 30 to over 1000. He is currently appointed to Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. by The Wesleyan Church, where he provides marriage and sex therapy and training to other professionals. Michael also cofounded Sexual Wholeness, Inc., a Christian non-profit dedicated to training, equipping, and certifying professionals in human sexuality.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University, Michael went on to receive a master’s degree in community counseling from Georgia State University and a diploma in Christian counseling from Psychological Studies Institute. He subsequently earned a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in Child and Family Development/Marriage and Family Therapy, where he specialized in marital sexual therapy. His dissertation topic was “Sexual Desire Discrepancy in Married Couples.”

With a pastoral heart, a gift in teaching, and a passion for helping couples grow in marriage, Michael uses his skills to teach couples important truths about marriage in a fun and interesting way, helping them to grow into healthier, transformative relationships with their spouses.

As a therapist, Michael is a compassionate pastor who is not afraid to encourage others, calling them into further holiness to ultimately become the men and women God has created them to be. He hopes to grow marriages into intimate, God-designed unions—reflective of the Gospel. His workshops and seminars have helped countless couples across America.

As a professor, Dr. Sytsma teaches 6-8 graduate courses a year in sex therapy and human sexuality. He is a professor at Asbury Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Denver Seminary, and Richmont Graduate.

Michael has been married to his wife Karen since 1985. They have two adult sons and a daughter-in-law.

Most people are curious about sex and would love a few  answers. “Are we normal?” “Why isn’t my spouse as interested in sex as I am?” “I don’t want to feel pressured, but don’t want to disappoint my spouse either–what do I do?” “How do we handle the impact of medication, menopause, porn, ED, pain…?”

Most importantly: “How can we get on the same page and create a thriving intimate life?”

We want to show you how! These eight simple, transformational factors will help you move from disconnection to delight. This is knowledge you can trust, based on vast clinical experience and break through research. So read the book together, talk about it as you go, and enjoy getting on the same page!

Why this book, now ?

Secrets of Sex & Marriage Methodology

The Marriage Intimacy Project (MIP) is a research study conducted by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn and Michael Sytsma, PhD. The first phase of the research and analysis extended from February 2020 to February 2023. The next phase of research and analysis is ongoing. This is the Methodology Appendix promised in the book.