Access The Insights You Need To Improve Your Relationships

These digital courses offer video-based instruction from best selling author and social researchers Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn.

Intimacy Model

This 22 minute video briefly introduces Dr. Sytsma’s published Intimacy Model. It is great for providing language for the sexual process and sparking discussion in couples.

Passionate Intimacy Workshop

Dr. Systma workshop is proven to improve couples’ overall satisfaction and sexual satisfaction. Designed for couples to watch together, it includes almost 6 hours of teaching and a downloadable PDF workbook of notes and exercises.

Sexual Desire in Marriage

This 2+ hour streaming course, addresses various topics related to sexual desire in marriage. Each video (5-8 minutes) addresses a topic and includes discussion topics or exercises for the couple. 

Coming Soon!

Secrets of Sex and Marriage for Churches

A fun and engaging course to help couples create great communication, closeness and connection – both outside and inside the bedroom. (Don’t worry–it is PG-rated!)

Secrets of Sex and Marriage for Couples

We are producing a streaming course to help couples privately discuss and grow in their intimate life, based on our research for Secrets of Sex & Marriage, and many years of clinical experience.